Puffer Up at Pond Hill Farm

One of the last stops we made during our vacation was spending the day shopping in downtown Harbor Springs, Michigan. Visiting several mom and pop shops like Toms Moms Cookies and several local boutiques. During our visit, we asked a few local natives what restaruants they suggested for us to try, and the one consistent suggestion was Pond Hill Farm!

Pond Hill Farm was a very family friendly place to visit because it truly felt like it could appeal to just about anyone! Onsite they had both a brewery and winery, a restaurant, store where you could purchase a variety of jams, jellies, and sauces. Plus there are a variety of activities to do on the property. Of course we were visiting during winter when there was a lot of snowfall, however they still allowed us to walk around the property to take pictures. (More to come below, it was definitely an adventure in the snow!)

My fiance and I decided to sample a few of their ciders and beer with our beer cheese appetizer and we were both impressed with the flight. My personal favorite cider was the “Blueberry Tunnel Vision Hard Cider” and Kyles favorite was the “Wee Heavy Sweater Puppies” which was a Scotch Ale.


Taken with my incredible Iphone 8 Portrait Mode!

For lunch we all ended up ordering a different meal so we were able to sample each others meals as well. I speak for everyone when I say, my meal was the best and absolutely DELICIOUS!

I ordered the “Parmesean Crusted Grilled Cheese!” For full details of this amazing sandwhich, please refer to their website. Honestly, I’m not even lying when I said that was the best grilled cheese EVER!


After eating ourselves silly, we decided to explore a little around the property…I mean when you purchase a new puffer jacket and you’re surrounded by a mountain of snow, why not? 🙂

BTW you should totally check out Pond Hill Farm on your next visit, but in the meantime, give them a follow!

Instagram: pondhillfarm

Facebook: Pond Hill Farm

Website: http://www.pondhillfarm.com

However just so you all know, I am not an outdoors, coldweather, nature person at all…so although this was very out of my element, I chose to embrace it for the blog! I should have taken a video of the hike Kyle and I went on to captures these images below, i’ll go ahead and put in perspective for you though…

The whole trail was completelty iced over, I was wearing rubber Coach rainboots my Madewell (danny wash) jeans, sweater and new puffer jacket I purchased from Clothes Mentor in Lexington, KY. Kyle was wearing sperrys, khakis and a button up shirt while carrying his camera equipment on one arm and a Koala (me) latched on to his other arm, literally pulling me across the ice because I was sliding everywhere lol. It was a very comical adventure to say the least.

Luckily we made it to our destination but I “ate snow” many more times than one before we captured the photos below. Literally, I had no idea how deep the snow was until all of a sudden, the snow was above my knee. Definitely had to be very cautious of every step. Kyle was very patient and took a few videos of my comical struggle, I’m sure those videos will surface at some point.

However playing in the snow was a surpsingly fun time and I’m so glad “The Photography Guys” were able to capture these images!




Just for your entertainment 🙂  (this one reminded me of one of those inflatable characters you see outside of shoe stores…lol)

If you like what you see, check out “The Photography Guys for more. They have limited avaibility so book your session soon!

Instagram: @the.photography.guys

Facebook: The Photography Guys

Email: thephotographyguys2@gmail.com



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