Petoskey, MI – Kilwins Chocolate Kitchen

Kilwins Chocolate Kitchen…let’s just take a moment and take that in. KILWINS…CHOCOLATE…KITCHEN, YUMMM!

Where do I even begin? Everything in the store looked so yummy, so I really had to use a lot of restraint. I’ve been to Kilwins before but this was especially interesting because this was their headquarters location.

Unfortunately we ran out of time but they even offer FREE CHOCOLATE TOURS. (Its like your own real life Willy Wonka…haha.) While sampling, we found out a few of the fudge flavors were new and special to that location only which is another unique reason to visit this location!


The ice cream was also top notch! They had a giant selection too was pretty awesome…my personal favorite was the Marshmallow S’Mores…yummmm…(pictured below, duh!)


Kyle of course had a bite of my ice cream but his favorite item was the caramel chews…I mean don’t get me wrong they were tasty, but out of the ENTIRE STORE he wanted caramel chews lol. It just made me laugh.


Btw can we take a minute and talk about how jealous I am of his thick, lucious hair? He’s been growing it out for a while and I’m obsessed with it. Usually rocking the man bun (which I prefer) but either way I love it. Personally, I’m a little jealous of the natural volume and thickness.


If you are ever in the Petoskey area, I would definitely reccommend you visit the Kilwins Chocolate Kitchen and take the time to schedule a free tour! Plus you’ll be able to try so many yummy samples. 🙂

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