Mari Vineyards in Traverse City, MI

Traveling up to Michigan, we were all planning to make a quick stop at Mari Vineyards in Traverse City! Such a BEAUTIFUL PLACE! Driving up to the winery, we were mesmerized at how gorgeous the architecture and the property itself was.

The main reason we were so eager to visit Mari Vineyards, is because my fiance, his dad, and myself are all huge fans of Marty Lagina and the whole team from “The Curse of Oak Island.” While continuously watching their Oak Island adventures, we have noticed many times Marty Lagina, sporting his maroon Mari Vineyards polo and it always kept us intrigued to visit the Vineyard if we ever visited Michigan.


Unfortunatly we were unable to partake in the “wine tour” since it’s booked based on appointment but we all agreed, we would love to return soon and plan to do a wine tour! However, we did partake in the wine tasting which was a wonderful experience and the lady helping us was so sweet and super knowledgable!


My personal favorite was the 2016 Late Harvest Riesling which was a sweeter, white wine! They mentioned during the tasting that the Late Harvest was harvested when there was 22% sugar in the grapes, probably the reason I fell so in love with the taste! We ended up taking a few bottles home including the Late Harvest, Cab Franc, and Praefectus!

While visiting Mari Vineyards, we asked to take a few picutres around the property and it was the perfect setting to capture my new JCrew jacket I picked up on vacation…check out my lastest blog post to hear more about the adorable consignment shop where I found it!

***The photos shown below are taken by “The Photography Guys” located on the property at Mari Vineyards.***

_KYL4951 (1)


Hope you all take the time if you’re in the area to visit Mari Vineyards, the property is beautiful, the staff are incrediby friendly, and the wine is absolutely delicious! I would highly encourage you to check out their page and give them a follow! Also, make sure if you visit, book your tour in advance! 🙂

Mari Vineyards Facebook

Mari Vineyards Instagram

Mari Vineyards Website

Also, check out my fabulous photographers from the visit, “The Photography Guys” and give them a follow!

The Photography Guys Facebook

The Photography Guys Instagram


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