Dripworks – Local Coffee Shop in MI

Before leaving Petoskey, MI, we had a friend recommend us to try Dripworks which is a local coffee shop in downtown Petoskey, MI!



It was such a cute little shop to visit! I always find myself catching up with friends at different local coffee shops in Lexington, KY so I was very pleased to check out this location in Michigan!



I requested to try “a fancy drink” of course, because who wouldn’t want to capture the beauty in a cup of joe like this? Not to mention, this picture was taken with my new Iphone 8 portrait mode! The camera quality on this phone does not disappoint, if you’ve been on the fence about upgrading…the Iphone 8 is well worth it in my opinion!

I chose the “Vanilla Bean Speciality Latte” which was absolutely delicious! Next time I would probably try the cold version (just personal preference) but regardless, the coffee was great and the staff made the experience so enjoyable!


They also had a variety of fresh pastries you could purchase that would make your mouth water just trying to select the right one! Some of my personal favorites were the Blueberry Pinwheel and the Morning Bun (cinnamon roll).

Next time you visit Petoskey, MI I would totally recommend Dripworks! Not to mention, if you are a big coffee lover like me, there were several other coffee shops located in the downtown area like “North Perk Coffee” and “Roast & Toast”. I persoanlly didn’t have a chance to stop by any others but they’re on my list to check out for next time!

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