My personal favorite travel essentials

We are on the road again, heading to Michigan! With that being said, I will have a few more winter posts to share from this week before (hopefully) diving head first into warmer, spring weather when I return from vacation. My fiance, his family and I will be in Michigan for about a week, first spending a few days in Ada and Grand Rapids visiting family and shopping and the end of the week will consist of more shopping and skiing in Petoskey, Michigan!


Sharing a few of my favorite “travel essentials” with you below! First of all, a cozy oversized sweater is totally necessary! I recommend always wearing layering pieces while traveling, especially since one minute I’m warm and the next I’m shivering. My cardigan is the Kent cardigan from Madewell…best part? Several colors are on sale right now too! (Shop my cardigan!)


Also opted to wear these adorable pink adidas for comfort since we were planning to stop and shop at the outlets! These are the cloud foam shoes and are seriously so comfy! I snagged these at our local Platos Closet a few months ago and I have been a huge fan of this style ever since.

While not napping in the car ride, I spent a lot of time snacking with my favorite new obsession…SNAPPERS! I purchased a bag of these from Costco recently for around $10 for 20 packs and it has two flavors (as pictured). One being Original Milk Chocolate (pretzels with caramel and milk chocolate drizzle) and my personal fave are the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt with caramel!

If you decide to pick up some yummy snappers from Costco, I totally recommend this popcorn too! You won’t be disappointed!


Last but not least, if you’re bored and trying to pass time while traveling, I have a few suggestions!

  1. Netflix app (I guess I’m new to the whole, watching movies offline so it doesn’t eat up your data) I ended up downloading “How to lose a guy in 10 days” and watched it on the way up to Michigan while my phone remained on airplane mode.
  2. Spotify is my personal favorite music app, and now with the large amount of storage on my new phone (256 to be exact) I downloaded all of the music to listen to while working on a few crossword puzzles my mom had picked up from Dollar Tree for the trip! In case you didn’t know, Dollar Tree has a great selection of crosswords, word searches, and sudoku!


Last but not least, these jeans are seriously so perfect for travel if you want to look cute but casual! These are the Roadtrippers from Madewell, the name explains it all…perfect for Roadtrippin! Probably because the level of stretch and comfort is absolutely amazing!      Check them out!

For full outfit details click the links below! (Stay tuned for a full week of posts from the trip!)




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