Cozy Up

Make sure you “Cozy Up” on these chilly winter days. If you’re like me, constantly searching for the perfect “transition” piece for spring…I have a suggestion! A super cozy, comfortable, wear-everyday, sweater cardigan! I stumbled upon this adorable heathered grey oversized sweater cardigan at Clothes Mentor in Lexington recently and absolutely fell in love!

The only thing missing are some pockets but other than that, I’ve noticed myself practically living in this cardigan daily!  This is the perfect transition piece and here’s why…

  1. You can pair it with a sweater like I did for those especially cold winter days
  2. Want to break out your cute spring tanks? Pair a sweater cardigan with it for spring to provide you the perfect amount of extra warmth.
  3. Keep it casual, recently I attended a UK game and paired it with my UK shirt, distressed jeans, and adidas for a perfect comfy, casual look.


If you are still looking to add a cozy sweater cardigan to your wardrobe like mine, I’ve link some of my personal favorites below!




Stay Cozy, Ya’ll!

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