Take me back to Palm Beach

Sun blazing, waves crashing, toes in the sand, and a cold drink in my hand.

Yes, I’m currently daydreaming of our West Palm Beach vacation while staring outside watching snowfall stick and ice accumulate.

West Palm Beach was a new vacation spot my family and I visited this past summer, and we enjoyed every minute of it! We usually vacation at Myrtle Beach, so this was a nice change.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn in West Palm Beach which was a Beachfront hotel, our favorite! It had a great size pool, bar onsite, and steps away from the beautiful sand and crystal clear ocean.


During the vacation we spent a lot of time laying out and enjoying the Florida sun, however we did manage to designate a few days to exploring and I wanted to share a few of my favorite memories.

One exciting experience that I will always remember took place on the beach in front of our hotel. BABY SEA-TURTLES HATCHED! It was neat to watch, and there were at-least 100 underneath the sand in one location…and there were locations scattered all over the beach. We had to snap a quick photo, it was too cute not to!


Once we started exploring the area we began searching for local shops and stumbled upon the most delicious ice cream ever! Seriously, I’m not sure what is in the ice cream but we had to stop by at least 4 different times during the vacation because it was so good! So, if you are ever in the area, check out Palm Beach Ice Cream, you won’t be disappointed!


Btw…another shopping extravaganza we had…thrift store shopping! I don’t know about you, but my family and I LOVE thrift shopping, you can stumble upon so many neat treasures there. Well one secret I have to share with you if you ever vacation in that area…check out the Goodwill SUPER STORE in Jupiter, Florida! Wow you will be amazed. Not only did I find tons of designer pieces, their store was covered in beautiful, timeless furniture items for cheap prices. I wish I would have taken photos because the items were out of this world. Especially if you like to redo and repaint furniture, you would have lost your mind there. To the point, we literally debated for a moment…to rent a UHaul so we could purchase all the furniture and drive it back to Kentucky lol. But then we had to take a moment and reconsider and scale back a bit, but it was definitely a thought!

We also designated one entire day to “shelling” at Sanibel and Captiva! One activity we have always dreamt of doing and that dream came true! We did have better luck at Captiva surprisingly, but nevertheless, we have seashells now that will last a lifetime! Between the 4 of us, we ended up having to put back several conch shells because we had so many…Now that is a problem I don’t mind having!


Back to food…my family and I have one tradition when we go on a beach vacation and that is…find a seafood buffet! The area we were in actually didn’t seem to have many, but we finally managed to find one and it was well worth it!

I can’t remember the exact price but I do remember it was pretty affordable for it being an all you can eat buffet! They had a full bar with a variety of sushi, a few seafood bars, dessert bar with a chocolate fountain, meat bar that even had New York Strip, and all of your regular entrees, fruits, vegetables, etc. It was called “Crazy Buffet” and it was absolutely delicious! (Btw sorry for our lobster faces below, we went later in the week so we had a lot of sun at that point.)

All in all, we had a fantastic trip and we can’t wait to go back and visit! I hope you find this information helpful in planning your next vacation if it is indeed in Palm Beach! Btw, I would love to hear any suggestions from you about vacation hot spots in the Palm Beach area!

Try to stay as warm as you can with this crazy Kentucky weather right now, summer is only a few months away!

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