Sweater Weather + Sweet Deals

As much as I’m ready for Spring to arrive, I’m also anxious to get a few more wears out of some of my (like new) sweaters I’ve picked up recently. Are y’all ready for spring or enjoying this colder weather?

Featured in this post is my adorable high-low Express sweater I picked up from Clothes Mentor during the Fall/Winter Dollar Days…Wait for it…Yep this sweater ended up being $1.50! This was one of many items I snagged during their clearance event! (Stay tuned for the other purchases.)


Photo Creds: The Photography Guys Instagram: the.photography.guys

I’m so glad I found this because believe it or not, I didn’t have a simple black (somewhat oversized) black sweater. I have cream sweaters for days, so I must say, if you don’t already own one, I’ve linked a few similar ones you should check out.



Also, that adorable black necklace you see…you won’t believe where I picked that up from. 1…2…3…MEIJER! Do not understand Meijer, I found this in their clearance section for only $2.00 and it does not disappoint! Next time you make your grocery run, check out their clearance section…actually…check out all of their clearance sections! Here recently I’ve picked up tons of jewelry under $3.00, a chenille sweater for $14.00, even some Yankee Candles $5.00 and under!

Last but not least, my favorite jeans…Madewell of course! These have the magic pockets and the perfect amount of distressing in my opinion. Plus the best part of it? They’re on sale RIGHT NOW at Madewell! But sizing are running out fast so lucky for you, they’re only a “click away” 🙂


JEANS (If they turn up “sold out”, don’t fret! Check periodically, it seems to go back and forth often.)

Photo Credits for this photoshoot go out to “The Photography Guys.”

Instagram: the.photography.guys

Email: thephotographyguys@gmail.com (for more information about booking a session.)

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