New Phone + New Nails = GIRLS DAY

All I can say is…Girls Day!
That’s right, this past Friday my mom and I had the most fabulous and much needed girl day, one that I will always treasure.

What did it consist of you may ask? Shopping (of course), upgrading our phones, Olive Garden, manicure, and a nice Starbucks frappe to finish it off.

Don’t we all love that special time with our sweet mommas? Those memories are the ones that we treasure for a lifetime. I’ve always been so blessed with having such a close and strong relationship with her, but having so much in common is just the icing on the cake!

We began the day with a quick stop at AT&T to upgrade to our new Iphone 8 plus! (I orginially had the Iphone 6 with only 16GB storage and she had Samsung) Needless to say, this was a big change for us! She went with the 64GB storage and I chose the 256GB (go big or go home, right?)  We even ended up BOTH purchasing the Rose gold luxe zagg screen protector and these adorable matching pink glitter cases. (Told you we share that same style!)


Photo Credit: The Photography Guys (Instagram:

If you’re in the market for a new phone upgraded like us, we opted for the Buy One Get One Free at AT&T!

Plus even though we’re both a little tech challenged, we are definitely having a blast sharing the joy with eachother when we figure out a new feature or trick with our phone. For example, my mom introduced me to BitMoji over the weekend, TOO FUN! We may be a little obsessed. 🙂

And don’t forget a girl’s day wouldn’t be a “girl’s day” without a little more pampering included. So we drove over to Olive Garden for the most delicious meal…I ordered the Tour of Italy, (Chicken parm, Fettucine Alfredo and added shrimp, and lasagna.) She ordered the traditional spaghetti and we pigged out on salad and breadsticks of course.

We topped it off with their yummy strawberry and white chocolate Dolcinis! (It really hit the spot!)


Iphone 8 plus Portrait Mode! (hehe)

To finish off a fantastic girl’s day, a major manicure overhaul was needed! So I ended up at Nails En Vogue and opted for a new color called “Short and Sweet.” Here’s a quick snapshot of the end result!


Hope you enjoyed this fun snapshot into our girl’s day adventure! If you are fortunate to live nearby your momma, take a few hours or a day off and spend that precious time with her. Hold her close, love her lots, and treasure that special time while you still can!

P.S. Just for your entertainment…we were having too much fun and forgot to take a photo…so here’s a fun picture from a shopping adventure this past summer. We went a little wild at Goodwill and purchased 3 decorative trees. Always an adventure with the two of us!

IMG_1543 (1)

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