Blanket Scarf Styling Tip

Y’all…Blanket. Scarf. Weather. Has. Arrived.

I am so glad blanket scarves have continued to be a winter staple and hope they are for many years to come! They are so comfy and cozy, and not to mention…so versatile! I am always the type of girl that wants to buy one item and style it 10 different ways…blanket scarves are the perfect accessory to do just that.

Although I usually tie blanket scarves around my neck, my favorite way to wear them currently is like a cardigan! So if you’re looking for a new way to style your scarf, try it like this!


All it takes is a simple loose triangle fold and BAM you’ve got yourself a blanket scarf cardigan! I usually keep a basic blanket scarf in my car (since I usually wear solid colors) and if I’m in the mood to change up my outfit half way throughout the day I will add a blanket scarf and dress up the look a bit!

I purchased my blanket scarf pictured last year from Rose & Lime Boutique in Lexington, KY (not sure if mine exact is available, however I can guarantee you’ll find some adorable products!) Check out their new location below!

4371 Old Harrodsburg Road 
Suite 120
Lexington, Kentucky 
Instagram: @roseandlime




Photo Credit goes to Jordan from Belle & Bliss Photography! She is a local photographer based out of Georgetown, Kentucky. If you love what you see, book your next session with her today!


Instagram: @belleandblissphotography

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