My Fab Black Friday Find + Dublin Pub

So how was everyone’s Thanksgiving break?! Did y’all score any fabulous deals? Over the break my fiancé and I traveled to Ohio and spent a few days with my future in laws. It was a ton of fun! We ate ourselves silly and spent time with his family so what more can you really ask?! As soon as our food settled, we hopped in the car and started Black Friday shopping! (Kyle and I are like hardcore shoppers, just saying.) We started around 7:00pm on Thursday and kept going, we took about an hour nap from 2:00-3:00am and then continued until about 10:00pm Friday night…I wish I was kidding but I’m not lol, we are both kind of “shopaholics.”

However I will say, our shopping last year was more impressive. We didn’t stop for a break once, we spent way more (which is probably a good thing we didn’t go THAT wild this year) and we basically hit several malls in both Ohio and Kentucky. So for this year, I would like to say we were much more conservative.

So my favorite purchase you may ask? The coolest platform heels you have ever seen!


I picked these up at the Saks of Fifth at the Cincinnati Premium Outlets! (I must say, out of every mall/outlet we visited, Cincinnati Premium Outlets had some of the best deals we came across. (Depending on what you’re searching for of course, I was on the lookout for clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.)

The brand is Freebird by Steven and were originally marked $198 but I snagged these for only $35! As soon as I saw them, I fell in love! And once I saw the price tag and read that it was my size, I was SOLD! These shoes are so fun! The color is too pretty for words and the detail throughout is impeccable. Needless to say, these made for the perfect “Fab    Black Friday Find!”

The next day (well more like night, because we slept like all day Saturday following our eventful shopping experience.) We decided to visit the Dublin Pub in Ohio, with some of his family. We listened to an incredible Irish band called, “Father Son and Friends” and had a wonderful time! (If y’all want to see what they’re all about, check em out here.) Before stopping by, we searched the area to take photos of my outfit and just so happened, found the perfect spot, the side door at the Dublin Pub! What a coincidence!


Just a few quick tips about my outfit…I’m really on a black on black kick right now. Black is such a slimming color and I suggest trying it out and adding in a pop of color with a shoe, scarf, or accessory. Sometimes I’ll throw on cheetah print shoes, or a blanket scarf to wear has a simple poncho or in this case, these fab shoes!

I love the button fly feature in these jeans which I show pretty often but you can also  hide if you are looking for a different look. Also, I’m a huge fan of unique hems on jeans currently! Out with the norm, in with the new! Raw hems are all the rage right now, you could totally create your own with an existing pair at home, or if you love mine, then you can snag these jeans here.


Kyle really captured some fabulous photos and I am thrilled with the final product. Side note, he is also in the process of launching his online photography platform I will share with you very soon! In the meantime, if you would like to book a session with him, let me  know!

I’ve linked my outfit below!

Happy shopping friends! 🙂

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