Buffalo Plaid + Belle & Bliss Photography

To kick off the start to December, I paired up with one of my good friends/sorority sister for a blog photoshoot and we had so much fun! Jordan, recently launched her online platform for her photography business, “Belle & Bliss Photography.”

I absolutely loved working with her! We captured multiple outfits at different locations in Triangle Park and Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate. She made me very comfortable throughout the session which made for a really fun day! I wanted to share a few of my favorites in this post but stay tuned because I will be sharing more later this week as well!


First off, if you don’t have at least one buffalo plaid item…get one because it’s essential for this time of year! My shirt is from Old Navy, you can snag it here. I ended up sizing up in it, so I can wear it different ways. (like knotting it, pairing with leggings, or leaving it open like styled above.)

Buffalo plaid is such a fun pattern to style because it’s very versatile. For a simple casual look I decided to leave it open, paired with a long necklace, black top tucked into black jeans (you know I love my black on black with a pop of color) and black booties. It’s a very comfortable and casual look…I also think if you wanted a less “grunge flair” to it, then pair it with a blue denim jean instead and black booties.


Speaking of black booties, I want to share one of my favorite styling tips. When wearing booties, make a slight simple roll at the bottom of your jeans. Showing a little skin there, is actually super flattering! Reason? It shows off the skinniest part of your leg which actually elongates it and creates a very flattering look overall!

Also, don’t be afraid to change up your look by adding a jacket or accessory! I changed up the look slightly by buttoning my shirt and adding my Military Green jacket!


Personally, I consider military green as much of a neutral as black or white, a definite staple to any wardrobe! I get more use out of this jacket than probably any other piece in my closet! If you want to snag this exact jacket, you can find it here.

Anyways, to change up the look slightly I kept the necklace, jeans and shirt…just buttoned it, added a jacket and switched into my black mules. (However booties would totally work here too!)


I especially adored this close up photo Jordan captured to show off the accessories! I ended up picking up this “Loft” necklace recently at Clothes Mentor but I found a super similar style at Loft and they are currently offering 30% off!

Hope you enjoyed this look! And how great did Jordan do capturing these photos?! Check out her Facebook page Belle & Bliss Photography or follow her on Instagram at @belleandblissphotography and book your next session!

For a style recap, I’ve linked all of my pieces below!

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