Channeling my “Inner 70’s”

Last weekend, my fiance and I spent the weekend in Ohio visiting his family and participating in a Holiday Craft Show. Our merchandise was a big hit, thankfully! We sold everything from customizable tumblers, bourbon barrel heads, tassel earrings, bangles and christmas ornaments! I may do a DIY tutorial on one of the items we sell, what would you like to see?!

While we were there, I had a few free minutes to snap a quick photo of my #OOTD and so glad we did! As soon as I walked outside I thought, “Where on earth are we gonna capture a photo out here?” However, my fiance being the savvy photographer he is immediately said, “Sit on this bench.” At first, I questioned why but after he showed me the photo I was very pleased. Thank goodness he has an eye for backgrounds because I sure do not! 🙂


The outfit I sporting of course is mostly Madewell. If I haven’t already mentioned, I’m a huge Madewell fan and also currently employed there so I have accumulated several pieces. (I’m apologizing now for the future Madewell overload posts.)


In this look I’m sporting the Tier-Sleeve Pullover Sweater in Golden Harvest. (Also available in Black and Cream.) The jeans I’m wearing are a great vintage inspired pair that I just adore rocking! You can find the Cruiser Straight Crop Jeans in the SALE section at Madewell! The cropped look hits at just the right spot and still looks cute with a casual roll at the hem.


However, I think my favorite part of this outfit are these adorable Clog Mules I picked up at Marti and Liz in Lexington, KY at Regency Center off of Nicholasville Road. They were slightly used but looked brand new and only cost me $9.99! Now that’s a steal! I can’t promise they will have this exact pair, but they definitely have a beautiful selection of products! 40% of their shoes are new and 60% of their shoes are used but I guarantee if you’re willing to do a little “digging” you’ll be sure to find a pair you just can’t live without!

And to conclude, my earrings I actually made but I would be happy to provide a “DIY Tassel Earring Tutorial” in the future if that is something you would be interested in, please let me know! 🙂

I’ve linked some similar Clog Mule styles below!




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