Lexington Pizza Week-Big City Pizza


Tonight, my fiancé and I met up with a few friends to partake in the first night of Lexington Pizza Week. This was our first time ever participating in this event, and I think it’s easy to say now we’re hooked!

Lexington Pizza Week features multiple Pizza Eateries who offer two small pizzas for only $5 for one week only! Check out their website for more info and a full list of participants!

We decided to visit Big City Pizza at their location on Chinoe Road and WOW it was Amazing!! This was our first time visiting Big City Pizza and we are already excited to return for our next slice!

The service was quick and the food was delicious, we couldn’t ask for a better first experience! They were offering two specials tonight for $5.00, my fiancé got the meat option, “Tipsy Chicken with Bourbon” and I chose the veggie option, “3 Cheese Mac & Cheese.” Although both were tasty, we both agreed our favorite was the Mac & Cheese! Fingers crossed they add it to their menu in the future because I will definitely be craving this pizza again! In the meantime, snag yourself a slice of one of these two tasty treats this week only for $5 bucks!

Not to mention we also shared an order of cheese sticks with our friends and those were equally as yummy! Definitely recommend checking out Big City Pizza for yourself! 🙂


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